Somatic Experiencing (SE) Skills Group - Mondays 1pm ET, begins November 13th

Somatic experiencing is a nervous system based approach.  In this group we will practice very simple SE skills together.  

Once learned, somatic experiencing skills can be used any time any where, to settle your nervous system. If practiced regularly, they can help to change the overall functioning of your nervous system.

Before, during and after the SSP process, SE skills can be extremely useful in helping to prevent and/or settle dysregulation.

SSP is considered to ideally be the beginning rather than the end of treatment. So even if you have finished your SSP listening, this is a wonderful opportunity to deepen and expand into feeling safer and happier in the world.

This group will be offered as a weekly meeting on Mondays at 1pm ET, statutory holidays excepted.

The fee per session is $60 CDN (approx $45 US). For those residing within Ontario Canada who have an extended health plan that covers counselling with social workers,  the fee will be covered, within the limits of their plan.

Maximum 10 attendees, please register in advance when possible.

To register, please  book yourself in using my online scheduler