Neurodivergent Women's Group (online) Wednesdays 5:30-7pm ET

Are you a neurodivergent woman looking to connect with others who "get" your unique gifts and struggles?  Whether you experience ADHD, giftedness, being on the spectrum, or another type of neurodivergence, this group is for you.  Lead by a neurodivergent somatic experiencing therapist, we will focus upon topics of interest while practicing nervous system settling skills, group brainspotting, and more.  Experience the joy of being in connection with others who recognize and embrace diversity without there being pressure to "show up" in a specific way.  Formal diagnosis not required.

Meetings will start when we have at least 6 women ready to start, and will take place online weekly on Wednesdays 5:30-7pm.

Limited to 8 participants.

$60 CDN per session (approximately $45 US). 

Please email me to ask about this group, or to register.