NEW!  Koji's Quest Virtual Reality (VR) Program for Neurological Rehabilitation

Claiming neurplasticity - permanent change - with neurological rehabilitation requires repetition.  Although many approaches to neurological transformation are not necessarily difficult, they are frequently not terribly engaging.

The Neuro-Reality company, based in the Netherlands has gamified cognitive rehabilitation with their VR game Koji's Quest.

Koji’s Quest is a VR program for children teens and adults. Abilities that are strengthened include:

  • Multitasking, prioritization, inhibition and decision making abilities
  • Visuospatial reasoning, mental rotation, and planning
  • Long-term memory, short-term memory and working memory

  • Counting, arithmetic, multiplication and mental representation of numbers

  • Selective attention, inhibition and information processing speed

  • Divided attention, visual attention, multitasking and information processing speed

Koji's Quest Pricing:

Please note:  You will need to purchase your own Meta Quest headset - "renewed"/reconditioned systems are often available on Amazon at a discount

Monthly fee (pay as you go): $160 CDN

3 Month access: $400

6 Month access: $720