Join SSP Yoda for an online two day deep dive that may turn upside down some of what you thought you knew about offering the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP).

  • Date: 25/01/2024 10:00 AM - 26/01/2024 06:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event


Elevate Your SSP Practice January 25th & 26th, 2024. Early Bird Rate till January 10th, 2024
Pricing is in Canadian currency (approx $365 US) Admits one attendee to attend live. Recording available after training for those unable to attend live.
Elevate Your SSP Practice to the Next Level - January 25th & 26th, 2024. Regular Rate
Pricing in Canadian Currency (approx $440 US). For one person, attending live. A recording will be available for those unable to attend live.




Do you struggle at times with knowing how to offer SSP to more complex clients?  

Are difficult SSP outcomes that you have seen or heard about getting in the way of you feeling safe and comfortable offering SSP?  

Have you heard about using tiny increments of SSP listening and are curious about learning more?  

Would you like for your clients’ experiences of SSP to become gentler while increasing the likelihood of significant improvements

Would you like SSP to become a bigger part of your practice but aren’t sure where to start?

Learn through engaging case studies and experiential exercises as we connect with and sense our own nervous systems.  We can't sufficiently learn how to help others with nervous system regulation while hanging out in our heads!

During this two day deep dive into SSP we will:

Learn and practice simple somatic experiencing skills that you can use to help you and your clients to regulate better before during and after use of SSP

Learn how to recognize nervous system responses in the earliest stages so that you can adjust SSP delivery before things get rough

Learn how to customize SSP delivery to the individual nervous system of the client 

Learn how to talk about SSP so that your potential clients get excited to try SSP.

Learn how to use your intuition and your own nervous system responses to guide you when offering SSP to others.

Learn how, when and why to microdose SSP

Learn how , when and why to use “the mini reset” to stop SSP related dysregulation in its tracks, often immediately

Learn a simple hack that may allow us to influence which areas SSP improvements appear in.

Process SSP related concerns through use of a group  process that may include brainspotting, somatic experiencing and/or energy healing.


I am a recognized expert at providing a gentler SSP experience, even for the most complex people

I bring 28 years of experience as a trauma therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP).

I have offered SSP to hundreds of people ages 2-78 years old, all over the world, as well as providing consultation to SSP providers.

As a solo practitioner, from my very first month offering SSP to clients, doing so was profitable for me.  In recent months I referred out my therapy clients in order to focus more upon SSP and helping SSP providers.  Even so, I have still been referring out most of my SSP enquiries due to the length of my waiting list for SSP.

SSP Yoda has developed a following in a few communities that potential SSP clients belong to, and there is a significant demand from those who are looking for providers who work in a similar way.

Those providers whose work I become sufficiently familiar with as working in a similar way may be suggested as SSP Yoda Informed practitioners as I am simply unable to keep up with demand.


A lively, engaging experiential, in depth look at best practices in offering SSP


It is NOT a replacement for Unyte-iLs SSP training or certification 

It is NOT affiliated with nor endorsed by Unyte-iLs

It is NOT a training in how to offer Somatic Experiencing 

It is NOT affiliated nor endorsed by the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

It is NOT a training in how to offer Brainspotting

It is NOT affiliated with nor endorsed by David Grand nor any Brainspotting Institute or organization

WHO:  SSP Practitioners who are licensed and/or regulated health professionals

WHERE:    Online, over Zoom


Thursday January 25th & Friday, January 26th, 2024

10am ET - 6pm ET


Early Bird Rate until January 10th, 2024: $495 CDN (approx $365 US)

Regular Rate: $595 CDN (approx $430 US)

This training will be being recorded. The recording will be made available at no additional charge to those who attend, and also will be available for purchase after the training for $495 CDN