03 Dec

Yet another update on Maggie, my 15 year old schnoodle, and her response to the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP).

Maggie has now been taken completely off of one of her pain medications:  gabapentin.  For the first month, I cut the dose in half.  When, a month later, she was still not especially showing signs of being in pain, in consultation with a veterinarian, I stopped giving it to her completely. That was two weeks ago now, and she is still doing great.

On November 26th, I had five people to my home, two of whom Maggie had never met before, and one of whom brought two chihuahua puppies.

Maggie has never been great with other dogs - she is more of a people dog than a dog dog. She has always been worst of all with smaller dogs. Maggie has also, her entire life, been extremely territorial - barking like crazy even when she sees out the window, neighbours across the street, standing in their own driveways.

Regardless, at the get together last week, she not only did not bark at any of the people, she did not even bark at the puppies. She was completely unconcerned about them being here - she did not even appear surprised somehow LOL. She was interested, curious and polite, greeting them and wagging her tail.

I wish so much I had found this for her over a decade ago, she'd have been a much easier dog, but I am so glad she has had this benefit now, so that her remaining time she will have a much better quality of life, as well as being an even more enjoyable dog.  :)

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