Important Information

With SSP there is the potential for some things to get worse initially before they get better. We do our best to avoid this by paying close attention to how the nervous system is responding and pausing or going as slowly as needed, to keep the process gentle.

However, ideally we try to choose timing carefully. If anyone is feeling at the absolute limit of what they can cope with, or if there are upcoming events that may be quite stressful, it's not always the best time to begin SSP. Some exceptions do exist, please discuss this with me if you aren't sure of the best possible timing for you.

It's most ideal to choose a time when you may be able to slow down a little, to allow yourself to process should anything get bumpy.

It is also important to avoid doing SSP shortly before having any signficant dental work done. SSP is contraindicated for anyone with a recent head injury and/or a seizure disorder unless someone has been seizure free for at least one year prior to SSP.

If someone has any significant medical issues and/or bipolar depression, it is important to let me know that so that I can do a medical consult ahead of time, if needed.

It is also important that, when you listen to SSP that your (or your child) have someone that feels safe and comfortable present during listening. The support person's job is to notice if the listener looks at them and meet them with soft eyes, a smile, etc..

Part of how SSP works is by activating the social engagement systems and, while those systems might not come on board in a different way for some people until a few to several weeks after the process has been completed, for others, they may start to come on board immediately, and that process is supported best if someone is present that they feel safe and comfortable with.

If you do not have someone to be present with you during listening, it may still be possible to do SSP effectively. Please discuss this with me.

If more than one person in the home is doing SSP I prefer to run people sequentially rather than simultaneously as family life can get difficult if more than one person becomes dysregulated at the same time.

SSP Monitoring

During the SSP process I require that people stay in touch with me over email, checking in ideally every day or few days to let me know anything different they are noticing in areas such as sleep, mood, focus, energy levels, digestion, sound sensitivities, and chronic pain levels, for example. This helps me to be understand how the nervous system is responding and to let you know when to slow down or to take days off from listening so that the process stays as gentle as possible, while allowing for the best possible improvements.


SSP is currently being offered through an app. You will need either a smart phone or a tablet. Newer MacBooks that have the M1 chip, or Chromebook can also be used. A "regular" laptop or desktop can not play SSP music.

If we are beginning listening with an online listening session, you will need to use a different device for the online session than the one you are using for the SSP app.  Your headphones will need to be able to connect with the device the app is on.  Some devices will require a connector.  

Please download the app and test that your headphones can connect with the device, prior to our online session.  If you have not received your invitation to the app by the day before we meet, please message me.

If a child aged 12 or under is doing SSP I don't typically observe the beginning of listening but instead meet with their parent to hear what more about their child and to make a plan together, of how to begin.


For SSP listening, you will need a suitable set of headphones. Earbuds can NOT be used. 

Headphones need to be over the ear ones with the big padded ear cups that completely surround the ears rather than just sitting on them, and they need to not have noise cancelling, unless that feature can be turned off, and not bass enhanced.

The headphones if they are not bluetooth, also will need to connect to the smartphone or tablet that the SSP app is on, and some may require an adapter depending upon your device.

If you don't already have a set of suitable headphones, ones that the Unyte-iLs company specifically recommends are OneOdio A70 or A71

If you or your child have difficulty with headphones please discuss this with me as we do have other options.

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I currently have a waiting list to start new people with SSP, but you can access online scheduling here, to book yourself or your child in, to start SSP with an SSP Yoda Informed Associate who may be available sooner