Are you an SSP provider who wants to learn how to dramatically improve the effectiveness of SSP, potentially target specific improvements, and allow the process to be far more gentle? Please see the "Training" page for more information.

Welcome to my website.  I am so glad you have found me.

I am Carol Ann Brayley, MSW, RSW, SEP. I am a neurodivergent psychotherapist and somatic experiencing practitioner with over 29 years of clinical experience. I am especially passionate about helping neurodiverse families become better regulated so that they can feel safer in the world and fully embrace their gifts, with fewer meltdowns.

Whether you are someone who is looking for an SSP provider, or you are someone who is already working with an SSP provider but are looking for additional help and resources, I'd love to help!

If you are a SSP provider looking for assistance, please click here and click on "Services for SSP Providers".

With Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) who you choose to be your provider is extremely important and you have many options.

Why limit yourself to working with a provider who just has experience working with kids? Or just with adults? Or providers who are only comfortable working with those who are on the spectrum? Or only those with trauma? Or those who are “straightforward”?

SSP is an approach that for many providers has a wide learning curve. Regardless of anyone’s age, background or diagnosis,  every brain and nervous system is different.

SSP can be an extremely life changing transformative approach. However, when it is listened to at a pace that is too fast for that person, it is possible that some things may get worse before they get better. When delivery of SSP is carefully titrated to the nervous system of the specific individual when needed, it allows the process to be much more gentle with the maximum likelihood of effectiveness, in even the most complex situations.

I made my own mistakes when I was first learning how to offer SSP back in May 2019. Many providers out there - even some who have been offering SSP for a long time but with a much lower volume of clients - are still trying to figure it out.

When Unyte-iLs receives enquiries that they consider too complex for their in house providers - or from SSP providers who need help after having difficult experiences either in their own process or with clients - they very often refer them to me. In November 2022, I was featured on a Unyte-iLs webinar for SSP providers, sharing my knowledge and expertise on how to offer this protocol to even the most complex clients.  

If you or your child’s background includes trauma, chronic health concerns, being neurodivergent or having other special needs, you will especially benefit from choosing me to be your provider..

I myself am a highly sensitive neurodivergent person who has complex health concerns and also have raised my two wonderful children to adulthood. Even within just my immediate family alone, collectively our concerns have included: misophonia, anxiety, brain injuries, autism, ADHD, fibromyalgia, complex developmental trauma, selective mutism, Tourettes syndrome, auditory processing disorder, tinnitus, depression, social anxiety, sensory sensitivities, cognitive difficulties, chronic insomnia, MTHFR genetic mutations, autoimmune disorders, MAST cell activation syndrome, chronic pain, digestive issues, and more.

Imagine the relief of dealing with a provider who quickly and intuitively “gets” what is happening without you having to work so hard to explain.

Picture the joy of working with someone who recognizes there are many different types of beautiful brains rather seeing SSP as a way to “cure” neurodivergence or push someone to conform.  Instead   SSP is offered as a wonderful approach that may help virtually anyone feel safer in the world and more confident in fully embracing all of who they are, without feeling "less than".

Experience the ease of working with a provider who respects your needs and communication style and is happy to creatively come up with solutions when needed. If some aspect of doing SSP is challenging, we will figure it out together.

Enjoy the benefit of being guided by someone who is highly intuitive and can sense and help in the earliest stages of dysregulation rather one who may at times be stumbling around in the dark and not notice something has started to go astray until something dramatic occurs - and then leave you waiting while they seek advice.

When you choose me as your SSP provider, you will experience the luxury of my ability to quickly see the bigger picture so that you can relax into the process, without ever needing to worry or figure things out on your own.

Furthermore, I offer much more than one stop shopping. SSP is meant to be the beginning rather than the end of treatment and is meant to be followed by something else, for maximum effectiveness. Should you choose to pursue either NeurOptimal Neurofeedback or iLs Focus after SSP - or in between rounds of SSP - you will enter the next phase of your journey already comfortable and familiar with the high level of service you can expect from me.

Starting this fall, I will also be offering somatic experiencing skills groups, at firs online and eventually in person, in Brantford, Ontario.  While they will be open to any interested adults, my hope is that these will be especially useful for SSP providers so that they can expand their skills set as well as those going through the SSP process themselves or for parents supporting their child's use of SSP - whether I am their SSP provider or not.