19 Apr

I was incredibly overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and positive feedback received by those attending the first presentation of my advanced two day training for SSP providers.

A few people expressed wanting to have a space where we could stay in touch and share ideas and hear about new SSP discoveries that I continue to make.

As a result, I have created an online group for SSP Yoda Informed providers so that we can continue our discussions.

This community is open to both those who attended the March 2024 training and future live trainings, and for those who have purchased the training recording.

I will definitely be offering this training again, but it may be early 2025 until the next one as I have a number of other projects I am busy working on.

I was so happy to be able to connect with both new and experienced SSP providers, some of whom made heroic efforts to attend live from Canada, the US, Austria, France, Scotland, and even Australia, in spite of significant time zone differences.

Part of the training included important tools such as Somatic Experiencing orienting skills, and an experience of group Brainspotting to help providers process SSP related stresses and concerns that may be getting in the way of having a busy and profitable SSP practice.  

However, a great deal of the training involved presenting my own unique discoveries and innovative ways of using SSP.  Things that I believe are the reason that my clients have always seemed to experiencing particular wonderful improvements.

Since for me, most of these concepts seem very simple, prior to offering the training I was worried if I had enough information that would be "new" to others. To me it just seems so simple.

However, frequent reactions of stunned awe and excitement from the attending - and since the training, from those who have purchased the recording - quickly confirmed that these ideas are very new for most SSP providers.

The feedback I've since received from those who have adapted these ideas after watching the recorded training or attending live have revealed that I was correct that these innovations with SSP dramatically increase its effectiveness for many.  

I'm so happy that increasingly over time there will hopefully be more providers that I can refer some of the highly complex people that contact me during times when I or my associates are too busy to take everyone who contacts us.


"The mini reset gives me confidence to help any patients. The nuances in how Carol Ann treats her patients are super helpful too. I feel like I have a better idea of what to look for in treatment. Working in a hospital too, I have struggled how to offer. I like the model you use." - Anonymous, Zoom Survey 

"I just finished listening to all of the recordings... I surely looked forward every day to my evening listening session of SSPYoda! It was really fascinating, and so helpful for me....all this is new in the SSP world, and that this training happened actually in a quite small group made it possible to sort of make acquaintance with everybody's faces and personality...thank you very much for your investment and genuine sharing." - Sandra P, Psychotherapist

"Thank you so much for the great training... we have already been putting some of the things discussed into practice...please know what a difference you are making in the world by spreading your vast wealth of knowledge to other providers." - Annie S, Audiologist 

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