Carol Ann Brayley, MSW, RSW, SEP
SSP Yoda

From the moment I first encountered SSP I became very passionate about it. I learned with SSP very rapidly and lately I feel like I am coming to new understandings about SSP on an almost daily basis, that I believe may at times help to increase its effectiveness.

The name "SSP Yoda" was actually coined by a colleague when meeting for the first time in person at the SSP PVI Conference in Florida in October, 2022 told me that she always thinks of me as SSP Yoda.  

I specialize in offering SSP to the most complex and highly sensitive people.

I also am especially passionate about working with other SSP providers, or those interested in becoming SSP providers, as I like to include teaching as part of the SSP process in those situations.

I also am a trauma specialist with over 28 years of experience, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP).

I also love doing SSP with those who may not have extreme concerns that they are dealing with but simply want to feel more present, enjoy life more and feel more comfortable in the world.