Lara Wrigley, Psy D
SSP Yoda Associate

Dr. Lara Wrigley is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 30 years of clinical experience working with a broad range of clients at all phases of the life span. She utilizes an integrative model in her approach that includes a focus on relational health, trauma and nervous system regulation. As a member of PSYPACT, she is able to offer insurance reimbursable psychotherapy in most states within the U.S.

Lara has been seeking SSP consultations with me from early on in her journey as an SSP provider and I am very happy to have her join our team.

We share a similar background in terms of training approaches, and perspectives in relation to SSP.

Lara also has taken my recent advanced training for SSP providers. She is therefore well versed on some of the unique ways that I use SSP that appear to help people obtain the best possible results. She is already seeing even better improvements right away from applying some of these approaches for herself and her clients.

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