Koji's Quest (VR) Program is a fun and engaging gamified approach to neurological and cognitive rehabilitation. When approaches are fun they are easier to stick with! Great for kids and adults alike. So far I am seeing wonderful improvements with my own executive functioning and noticeable improvement with post concussion syndrome.

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Koji's Quest Virtual Reality (VR) Program For Cognitive Rehabilitation

Claiming neurplasticity - permanent change - with neurological rehabilitation requires repetition. Although many approaches to neurological transformation are not necessarily difficult, they are frequently not terribly engaging.

The Netherlands based Neuro-Reality company has gamified cognitive rehabilitation with their VR game Koji's Quest.

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Koji's Quest Pricing:

Please note:  You will need to purchase your own Meta Quest headset - "renewed"/reconditioned systems are often available on Amazon at a discount

Monthly fee (pay as you go): $160 CDN (approx $120 US)
3 Month access: $400 CDN (approx $295 US)
6 Month access: $720 CDN (approx $530 US)

Family Discounts:

Additional family members accessing Koji's Quest in the same time period are 50% off.

Rental System available!

If you don't already have a Meta Quest 2 headset and don't want to purchase one, for those who are relatively local to me in Ontario, Canada I do have an extra headset that can be tried out as a rental system for an additional $40 CDN per month. It is available on a first come, first served basis.