Group programs now available. Wonderful at any time including before, during or after Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) and other services. Covered under extended health plans that cover social workers in Ontario.

Online ADHD & Neurodivergent Women's Group

Are you Interested in connecting with other women with ADHD, ASD, giftedness or other types of neurodivergence? Whether you have been recently diagnosed, have been living with a diagnosis for a while or strongly recognize yourself as neurodivergent, please join us.

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Online Somatic Experiencing (SE) Skills Group

Meet online and connect as we learn and practice somatic experiencing skills to increase nervous system resilience, regulation and flexibility. When our nervous system regulation improves a whole other host of physical, emotional, mental health and trauma related concerns tend to improve as well. Whether you are interested in your own healing, in learning skills that you can teach to your child or to use with clients - please join us.

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Online Group SSP Practitioner Consultations

Are you interested in connecting with other likeminded SSP providers? Do you have cases you want to consult about or questions you'd like to ask but prefer a group format? Please join us! TBA If you would like to arrange SSP practitioner consultations for your agency or other group of providers, please contact