Online Somatic Experiencing (SE) Skills Group

This group is open to all adults.    

Somatic experiencing skills are wonderful for everyone but are especially useful for those dealing with trauma and any complex physical or mental health concerns, including misophonia.  

Once learned, somatic experiencing skills can be used any time any where, to settle your nervous system.  While they are very useful and settling to use when triggered, they also are completely wonderful to use when feeling neutral and even good.  

SE skills typically only take 1-3 mins to use each time once someone becomes proficient with them.

Regularly using Somatic Experiencing skills can dramatically improve the overall functioning of the nervous system and can be especially wonderful to use before or during the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP).

SSP is considered to ideally be the beginning rather than the end of treatment. So even if you have finished your SSP listening, SE skills are wonderful opportunity to allow your physiology to further integrate, deepen and expand upon your SSP improvements.  

Although SE skills are best learned through frequent practice and repetition, this group will be pay as you go.  Sessions will be limited to 8 participants each week, so please book ahead to avoid disappointment. We will need at least 4 participants each session to go ahead that week.

The fee per session per attendee is $60 CDN (approx $45 US). For those residing within Ontario Canada who have an extended health plan that covers counselling with social workers,  the fee will be covered, within the limits of their plan.